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mods_suck's Journal

The Big Bad Mod
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Big Bad Mod!!

The "celebrity" whose journal you are reading IS NOT THE ACTUAL CELEBRITY. The author/maintainer of that journal is a participant in a role playing game (RPG) where people portray actors, popstars and their families (and pets!). We are not trying to misslead people.There is no intent to misinform fellow roleplayers or anyone who might read the journal. This is only for a game to please our warped little minds. Some people watch telivision. We play online. Please do not contact us asking if we are the real celebrity. Each participant will direct you back to this disclaimer page.
This journal is written by a fan. It is meant for entertainment purposes only. This is not reality. These are not the actual thoughts, feeling, actions and lifestyles of the celebrity they portray. This is a work of fiction created by people who like to write and have vivid imagainations. They are absolutely false and based on a public image, and are not meant to reflect the person's private life. . At no time is this meant to be construed as reality. We have no idea what we're talking about. We are bored. We have no lives!! But we do research our "character" We have no connections to the celebrity. We have no inside knowledge. This is all made up. Fake fake fake!
We believe that these journals are in no way libellous as there is no malicious. Nor harm or malice is intended. No copywrite infringment. However do not steal from our works of fiction. We are also protected under a copywrite law!!!! We just like to have fun.
Also know that some of these journals may contain adult content. We ask that you be 18 or at the age of legal consent in your state to read them. .
If you wish to join the role play please submit applications accordingly
If you have any questions about this, please comment or send an e-mail to mods_suck